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This product, provided by Gerson, is a replacement for the 3M item - 6000 and 6100. These masks have trapezoidal shaped filters (not round) with slightly rounded corners.  The masks, as provided, require the following additional items, ordered separately..  Depending on needs, order VAPORCART (the cartridge filters are used with finishing products, for organic vapors and mists), PREFILTERS (cotton filters to keep the more expensive VAPORCART from clogging from lacquer solids), and PRERETAINERS (the plastic holders that retain the PREFILTERS against the VAPORCART) (3M filters and related paraphernalia do not interchange with Gerson masks.
LARGEMASK & MEDIUMMASK : Costing only slightly more than refitting replaceable mask parts, these masks are shipped complete and ready to use with no replaceable parts.  Each person has their own mask in a re-sealable plastic bag and replaces the whole thing when the old one gets to be disgusting looking or vapor smell penetrates when in use.
DUSTMASKS  (20/box
Manufactured by Mercer Abrasives and are NIOSH approved.  Filter efficiency level is 95%, effective against particulate aerosols free of oil.

DREAMMASKS    (50/box) : Disposable non-toxic dust and filter mask manufactured by Mercer Abrasives intended for removal of nuisance dust only.  These are not approved by any Governmental organization. Low profile design lets you see where you are going and what you are doing.

EARPLUGS  (200 pr/ box) : Roll in a small crease-free  cylinder, Insert rolled earplug as shown & hold until plug expands. Reduces the amount of noise entering the ear by approx.  one third (at 92 dba).