• CL14USxx Auxiliary Pusher



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  • Touch latch is invisible from the outside of the door.
  • When you use a touch latch no other hardware (knob, pull, latch) is needed on your door giving it a clean look.
  • Available in either a regular duty or heavy duty model. The heavy duty model is slightly larger and has much stronger spring action. Use the heavy duty model for solid core or heavy doors.
  • How it works; gently push in on the outside surface of the door. The door releases from the latch and pops outward.
  • The auxiliary pusher (sold separately) is used where a vacuum condition exists (for example a small closet) or any situation where the door does not open easily.The auxiliary pusher may be used with either the regular duty or heavy duty latch.
  • All mounting fasteners, a metal template and full instructions are included.
  • The face and internal parts of the latch are made from solid brass and steel. The case is made from plastic.

  • Auxiliary Pusher
  • The auxiliary pusher aids in the operation of the CL11 and CL12 where hinges or the surrounding conditions prevent a smooth operation of doors10 pounds of pressure is applied to open the door.


    • Body: 2-15/16" Long X 1-11/16" Wide X 5/8" Deep
    • Provides 1 1/16" Throw
    • Apply 10 Pounds of Pressure to Open Door

    Available in CL14US26D - Dull Chrome and CL14US4 - Dull Brass. Sold individually.