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The shown track and glide pieces make for a good quality, easy sliding door track arrangement, but must be designed and built into the cabinet before construction.  KV2401F72 is glued into a 1/8” saw kerfs.  (The KV2401 is fiber track that will distort if exposed to water.  It is stocked in 72” lengths. The KV2406 is surface-mounted, or mortised (1”x1/4”), to the bottom of 1/4” or 1/2” material (the KV2407 1-3/8” x3/8” – is used with 1/2” or 3/4” material) and then slides along the 2401 track.  If fully mortised, a slight groove must be routed into the bottom edge of the door.  An even better installation, which provides a smoother operating door, is the KV580 (rated at 25# max. load) sheave which is mortised into the door (can be used on all metal track shown on the preceding page as well as either 2402 track).